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Biophotonics '11

The 5th International Graduate Summer School Biophotonics '11 held in May 2011 at Backafallsbyn on the island of Ven emphasised molecular imaging and optical manipulation as well as multidimensional imaging, besides covering light-tissue interaction basics and several applications. It was a huge success in terms of education, scientific exchange, and personal friendships.

We, the organizers, would like to express our gratitude to the lecturers for taking time to teach at the school and spending valuable time with the students. It is admirable that all lecturers participated without receiving any fee. We also greatly appreciate the financial support and donations we received from various sponsors making this event possible.

Furthermore, we extend our thanks to all participants for their enthusiastic contributions during the discussions following the lectures and especially during the poster sessions.


The 5th International Graduate summer school Biophotonics '11 covered the following main areas:

  • Tissue optics
  • Optical trapping and their applications in biophotonics
  • Fluorescence life-time imaging
  • Molecular imaging based on optical methods
  • Optical coherence tomography and coherence domain optical methods in biomedicine
  • Photo-acoustic imaging
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Lasers and their application in medicine


Best Poster Presentation Award 2011

Tracy Liu
University of Toronto / Ontario Cancer Institute
Medical Biophysics
Toronto M5G 1L7, Canada

Poster title: Specific Activation of Photodynamic Molecular Beacons: An Image -Guided Therapeutic Approach for Vertebral Metastases

Honorable Mentioning

Ashley Laughney
Dartmouth College
Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover 3755 NH, United States

Poster title: Guided multi-spectral assessment of pathology in surgically resected breast cancers using spatially modulated imaging

Honorable Mentioning

Patrik Lundin
Lund University
Physics Department
22363 Lund, Sweden

Poster title: Diode laser absorption spectroscopy for medical applications

Honorable Mentioning

Adi Sheinfeld
Tel-Aviv University
School of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel

Poster title: Photoacoustic Doppler mapping of flow

Honorable Mentioning

Teresa Torzicky
Medical University of Vienna
Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Vienna 1090, Austria

Poster title: Retardation and depolarization imaging by polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography at 840 nm and 1030 nm

Honorable Mentioning

Sarah Unterkofler
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Russell Division
Erlangen 91058, Germany

Poster title: Single Cell Mechanics in Liquid-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers


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